Y2K: A Survivalist Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Dylan Schifrin

Satirical drama. 150 minutes. Cast: 9-20. Turn of the millenium doomsday preppers gear up for a fake-out apocalypse. Originally scheduled to premiere April 2020, but postponed due to COVID-19, Y2K is as relevant as ever.

Next of Kin by Dylan Schifrin

Dark comedy. 90 minutes. Cast: 6–8.  A girl with nothing turns to a woman with everything. Families collide, failure is ubiquitous. A play about mothers and motherhood that questions how we recover from tragedy when our caregivers lack what they are expected to impart. Based on true events. 



In Pieces by Dylan Schifrin

Half-hour comedy. Pilot "Execute Something Less Ambitious." Anxiety, self-doubt and the need to create in the face of destruction. These are all part of the new generational experience, and the beating heart of IN PIECES: a brutally honest exposé of a fine arts conservatory.

Puppy by Dylan Schifrin, adapted from "Puppy" by George Saunders

Half-hour short film. A chance encounter forces two women to reconcile wealth, class and family.


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