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$CABS (or, why does no one want to work anymore?!!!)

Book, Music and Lyrics by Dylan Schifrin

Six new hires within a mysterious mega-corporation are sent to Antarctica to prove they make good leaders. Good thing they all love their jobs more than themselves—except one dealing with chronic illness, one trying to conquer past trauma and one who maybe wants to take down the entire operation. In this fevered musical interrogation of hustle culture, burnout and the Great Resignation, optimizing the machine means breaking yourself down.

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Y2K: A New Immersive Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Dylan Schifrin

Riley grew up among Y2K-era doomsday preppers in rural Nebraska. So did her best friend Ben, and now he's in love with Riley's father Michael, the charismatic, omnipresent colony leader, even though Ben's supposed to be repopulation partners with Riley. But when Riley herself falls in love with one of the "sheeple" from outside the colony, she embarks on a secret mission to test her father's validity—with Ben or without. This immersive musical about echo chambers, "us" vs. "them" mentality and the danger of misinformation has us follow Riley's escape as she grapples with uncertainty in a new world just as resistant to the truth as her own.

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KEY CHANGE | One-Act Play

A college junior comes out as trans to her all-male a cappella group, prompting discussions of history, tradition and masculinity. An interrogation of the all-male space written for high school and college-aged performers.

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In Development

UPPIES | A Queer Historical Musical

Inspired by the exposé documentary film Smile Till It Hurts, UPPIES tells the story of the reactionary, political performance organization Up With People and its LGBTQ+ members during the late 1960s as they struggle to reconcile mission with identity amidst a democracy in crisis.

  • Semifinalist (Pitch), The Civilians R&D Group, 2021 and 2022

  • Conceived within the BMI Lehman Engel Librettists Workshop, 2020

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