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Need some Ivy League expertise? I'm happy to help writers, composers and students alike on any and all professional, artistic and academic projects. Contact Me with any questions about the following services.

Music Transcription & Score Preparation

As a working music assistant, I have provided composers of all skill sets and abilities with prompt and high quality music assistance. I have assisted Broadway composers/arrangers, in addition to writers, music teachers and more across the country. Services include Music Transcription, Score Preparation, Piano/Vocal and A Cappella Arranging, and Accompaniment Track Recording.

College Essay Help & Writing Tutoring

I have worked with students both in person and virtually to craft original, refined, and authentic Common App essays, as well as responses to school-specific essay prompts. My process involves offering revision tips in the categories of subject, tone, structure and technique. Often, I will provide detailed written notes on a first draft, then review them with the students in a tutoring session. The end goal is always to help each student come upon their own unique voice as a writer—and their own unique identity as a student.

SAT & Academic Subject Tutoring

As an SAT tutor, I begin by identifying the categories of questions my students seem to struggle with in Verbal, Math, and Writing. Next, I will offer insight and general strategies to address these types of questions, often offering specific examples to aid with memorization. In my sessions tutoring the SATs with practice test material, I have consistently seen improvement—even over the course of one session—in the accuracy of student responses.

Favorite Subjects to Tutor: English | Latin | Chemistry | Biology | Music Theory and more!

Script Coverage

Need feedback on your pilot, feature, short film, play or musical? I have years of experience analyzing projects and writing script coverage for highly repudiable production companies, publication companies and screenwriting contests (and also for my fellow writer friends, too).

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