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TV Samples

THE BRIS WHISPERER | Half-Hour Original Comedy Pilot (Top 15% on Coverfly)

​When a freak accident at a bris grants Benzi Frumkin, Jewish medical school dropout, the ability to talk to babies, he must seek their guidance in order to put his life back together.

IN PIECES | Half-Hour Original Comedy Pilot

In this highly visual world of sculpture and sabotage, a first year student must overcome paranoia, a traumatic upbringing, and rivals’ attempts break her as she and her misfit friends survive a cutthroat fine arts conservatory.

More at Coverfly

Social Media Samples

Pixel Playhouse Commissions (TikTok & YouTube Shorts)

Pixel Playhouse has signed a deal with NBCUniversal to develop an original series for Peacock as part of a new program for TikTok creators. I'll be working as a staff writer on that project, so check back later for updates.

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